DCP: EDC's Supportive Community

Watch graduates explain how the Early Childhood Education community is a close cohort.

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Audrey Baker (Student): I love my classmates. They’re like my little family! They really are.
Dr. Gloria Gale (Professor): They pray for each other. They see each other you know, through, through grief and through triumph.
Tracy Bikes (Student): We have a very close cohort. That has really been important.
Audrey Baker (Student): And whenever we struggle with lesson plans, or a test was coming up that we were going to study for together, they were always there.
Tracy Bikes (Student): Always in communication with each other, you know, did you understand this right.
Dr. Gloria Gale (Professor): I run into people all the time who benefit the program, and often they’re with somebody they met in the program, and I mean, they’re still good friends.
Tracy Bikes (Student): I just know for a fact that’s going to carry through to our jobs.
Jody Bricker (Professor): I think that some of our graduates have a big impact on the colleagues that they are in touch with.
Tracy Bikes (Student): We’re already networking, you know, with one another, and so as we go out, we’re already going to have each other as a support system.
Audrey Baker (Student): The teachers actually get to know each student, because I see a lot of the teachers that I have had here at JBU and they’ll come right up to me, and just start talking.
Dr. Gloria Gale (Professor): They expect the students coming in to give a lot, and the students expect the teacher to give a lot, and they both know that they’ve come from a full day of work.
Tracy Bikes (Student): They’ll come in from their day of school, and share with us the things that really do happen in the class. So many of them have given us their numbers, and let us know give me a call if you have any questions.
Audrey Baker (Student): When I start feeling low about something, or kind of down in the dumps or whatever, I would pick up the phone and call somebody. Whenever you’re with that cohort, there’s always someone next to you to bring you up.

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