DCP: Practical Business Degree

Watch graduates explain how they apply the Organizational Management program to their work environment.

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Nic Howard (Student): I just never thought that I was going to get a bachelor’s degree. I flunked out of college twice. I had sixty hours, but I didn’t have a degree to show for it.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): I had lots of things going on in life, you know the military, moving, different jobs.
Chrissy Gray (Graduate): You know, not having the education before, I felt like I could always do better.
Nic Howard (Student): And what the OM program allowed me to do was it gave me a plan to finish it.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): And, you know, you kind of think that once you start working full time that getting a degree is unachievable, but JBU made it achievable.
Chrissy Gray (Graduate): I have more knowledge to go in and do something that I never thought that I could do before.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): There are stories without number of people getting promoted while they’re taking the courses.
Grant Morris (Graduate): I’ve been promoted from Provider Enrollment Specialist to a Staff Accountant, from a Staff Accountant to my position that I have now that I got directly after receiving my bachelor’s degree.
Nic Howard (Student): The classes that I was going through, particularly the financial math classes that I could apply them to my business.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): You can apply what you learn on the job to your JBU classes, as well as apply what you learn at JBU to your work environment.
Nic Howard (Student): It’s helped me in the corporate world know what our CFO is talking about. And I can have a conversation with him and come away feeling like I contributed.
Christine Nance (Student): Going through economics and accounting and stuff like that and going into the supplier community, I’m definitely using that on a day to day basis.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): Our overall goal is that the business graduates have the requisite skills so that when they go out to the job market they have what it takes to succeed.
Nic Howard (Student): I look up every day in my home office and see that degree on the wall and I have such gratification.
Chrissy Gray (Graduate): Knowing that I can go and fill out an application and do you have a degree yes.
Grant Morris (Graduate): and it’s also given me the confidence to move on and now I’m doing the MBA program with John Brown as well.

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