DCP: Academic Excellence in OM

See Organizational Management graduates explain how the program gives them confidence to succeed.

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Grant Morris (Graduate): I really didn’t feel that I may be a fit to be a leader before I started this program. It’s really about being able to take control and have confidence in what you do.
Carlos Chicas (Student): The knowledge that I’m gaining right now, I wish I had it before to make things better then.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton (Professor): You know have something different that other people around you in your organization don’t necessarily have if they’ve never had an opportunity to go through a program like this. You’ve got the language, you’ve got the words, you’ve got the definitions.
Christine Nance (Student): So it’s a very small classroom, so we get a lot of one on one attention if we need it.
Carlos Chicas (Student): It’s easy if you look lost for a second, because the professor will know.
Jason Baggett (Graduate): He got right in front of me in the desk and said ‘Listen, you don’t know when you might need this. I’m going to push buttons, I’m going to push you up this hill and we’re going to get through it together.’ End of that class I made an A. In business math. And math was one of my poorer subjects in high school.
Carlos Chicas (Student): They’re very knowledgeable of the topic they are teaching.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): The courses are developed to help you succeed. So we… are always revising these courses to make sure that today, this year, this course meets your needs.
Christine Nance (Student): And we just get real hands on people, great quality, I’ve had some amazing instructors.
Grant Morris (Graduate): But it really teaches you to be responsible and take ownership of your work and then you’re able to be proud of your accomplishments.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): We’re not after students, we’re after graduates. And we’re not after graduates, we’re after effective graduates.

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