DCP: Experienced Professors

See how the Organizational Management professors "love what they do".

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Jason Baggett (Graduate): You’ve got the knowledge there to teach you, but you’ve also got the encouragement. I mean they, they care about your family, they care about, you know, where you’re going. They care about your… your walk.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): We also use faculty that are… not only do they have their academic requirements but they care for our students… more than any other place that I’ve ever seen , gone to school, or worked at.
Carlos Chicas (Student): And the professors again make sure that they have the personal relationship with the student and I think that’s a plus.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton (Professor): Part of understanding them individually helps me gear what I say, what I do in those classes to… make it fit.
Jason Baggett (Graduate): In that classroom, everybody was equal. And that teacher made that so.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): I think that’s important because they really push you to finish, they really help you through email, through phone calls, I mean, and then through class.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton (Professor): I feel a certain responsibility that if folks are giving up that time, they don’t want to waste it.
Christine Nance (Student): Our professors that have full time jobs that come in and teach after work it is great because it is very beneficial to us because they’re actually applying things that they deal with in the business world.
Pat O’Brien (Professor): So if you take an accounting course you’re taking it from someone who’s practicing accounting. If you have a law course, more than likely, that course will… be taught by an attorney.
Christine Nance (Student): You can tell that they love what they do and it shows in their work.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton (Professor): You need to walk into the workplace fresh and new and think, hmm, I can do something. I can… have an influence on this organization. That’s my goal as an instructor.

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