DCP: Community & Convenience

Watch graduates explain how the program's authentic community really makes the difference.

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Carlos Chicas (Student): My classmates are people who want to be successful in life.
Audrey Baker (Student): You know you don’t have to go into a classroom full of thirty people that you don’t know, you go with the same ten or fifteen people all the way through.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): When you come to class, I mean it’s really… you really look forward to it, to being around your friends, around your classmates.
Nic Howard (Graduate): That’s the best part of the program is the classmates.
Christine Nance (Student): It’s like a family. I mean, we have each other’s phone numbers, we know what’s going on in each other’s lives.
Nic Howard (Graduate): It’s your group there that you spend eighteen months of your life with that really make the difference.
Derrick Limbrick (Graduate): You know you want to do good in front of your, you know, your coworkers and classmates.
Carlos Chicas (Student): Actually we have a study group outside the classroom that we meet every Wednesday for a couple hours.
Christine Nance (Student): This program is intense, but it also, it works great with my schedule, and I’m able to spend more time with my daughter [unintelligible].
Audrey Baker (Student): The main thing that I really loved besides that the fact that I could work full time and go to school full time is that it’s all laid out for you.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton (Faculty): There’s been a huge effort to make it as convenient and sensible and reasonable for students as possible.
Audrey Baker (Student): I don’t have to go to a big parking garage and walk two miles to get to the building, you know, you just park and you come right in.
Nic Howard (Graduate): The support staff, getting into the program and helping you continue through the program, is huge. They were so friendly, so easy to deal with.
Audrey Baker (Student): You know at a lot of universities they just pass the buck. You ask him, uh, I’m not sure. Call this number, or whatever.
Nic Howard (Graduate): Whenever I would call and have a problem, it would be answered right then and there.
Audrey Baker (Student): It’s like whoever you talk to will find out the answer for you whatever your question is. I just felt like everyone worked together for the benefit of the students.

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