Students Say Thank You

Personal 'Thank You' to JBU supporters from students.

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Jim Krall (Vice President for University Advancement): Thank you for giving to JBU. Almost 6,000 alumni and friends gave 29 million in gifts and pledges to JBU this past year. Your generosity helped finish the Keeping Faith Campaign, provide scholarships, endowments and buildings for students. Here are some “thank you’s” from students that you helped support.
Ryan DaCosta (Sophomore Mechanical Engineering): The whole community here, the friendliness and the tight, tight, small campus- that’s what I enjoy the most. It’s just being able to have a close family.
Cassie Castellanet (Junior English Education): I love the integration of faith and learning and the opportunities to talk about my beliefs and how they affect what I want to do with the rest of my life in the classroom.
Leslie Cazier (Junior Family and Human Services): I just enjoy the fact that you can integrate and apply what you learn in class with everyday situations.
Kate Gooderl (Junior Early Childhood Education): They aren’t just really cerebral, but you actually apply it to your life and it just helps you grow and develop personally as well as you grow in your knowledge.
Pearson Marshall (Senior Graphic and Web Design): Just the people, the teachers- everyone is great. They’re super friendly and very approachable. It just makes an overall great environment.
Lindy (Senior Mechanical Engineering): My first thoughts when I entered the Balzer Technology Center was, “how big and just beautiful it was”.
Bethany Miller (Senior Mechanical Engineering): The new building is wonderful. And the fact that we can have classrooms that fit all of the students and so we can all be together.
Brittany Hopper (Senior Business Administration): The Bill George Arena is kind of our sacred arena now. Everybody wants to play in the Bill George.
Allison Rankin (Senior Sports Medicine): The new arena has been huge, just helping us to prepare for games. There is a lot more space in there.
Andrew Layden (Junior Worship Ministries): I think the performing arts center is a great utility that equips students to be able to act, or sing or perform with excellence.
Heather Tiller (Junior Psychology): Honestly, the acoustics in the room are amazing. So that’s been really awesome to be able to be in there.
Lindy Roberts: Thank you.
Allison Rankin: Thank you.
Heather Tiller: Thank you.
Andrew Layden: Thank you.
Bethany Miller: Thank you very much.
Tyler Hollowell (Senior Cinema) : I have been able to continue going to school and in May I will complete my degree, which will make me the first person in my family to have a college degree.
Randi Ruiz (Senior English): I have been able to go to school full time and be a mother full time.
Ethan Vasser (Junior Mathematics Education): I have been able to pursue my degree in Mathematics Education, which is something that I really wanted to accomplish. I feel like I am called to work with kids.
Sara Tindall (Senior Family and human Services): I have been able to travel abroad. I went to Ireland last summer and this past summer I did my internship with my degree program in Dallas where I worked with the homeless.
Lori Franz (Junior Child and Family Studies): It’s enabled me to have an education here, be apart of the community of JBU, to be an RA, to learn, to grow, to grow in community with people.
Danny Tuxhorn (Junior Youth Ministries): I plan on trying to become a youth pastor in the future and I wouldn’t have this education if it wasn’t for these scholarships.
Derek Demars (Senior Biblical and Theological Studies): I’m going to go to seminary and pursue my THM, my masters in Theology and then a P.H.D so I can become a professor at college level.
Thomas Mulcahy (Senior Digital Art): Wherever I decide to go, wherever God puts me, I’ll be able to tackle it and do well.
Lauren Griffith (Sophomore Early Childhood education): My desire is to eventually work in the foster care system.
Austin Hinrichs (Sophomore Biology): I’m planning to go to Chiropractic school after I graduate. I would like to someday open my own practice and be able to serve families through chiropractic.
Danny Tuxhorn: Thank you so much for the money that you’ve given. It’s given me a fresh start.
Thomas Mulcahy: I am so thankful for what you’ve done for me that allowed me to come here, to meet some awesome people, to have an awesome time, and learn life skills that will help me for the rest of my life.
Pearson Marshall: Thank you so much for your donation. It means the world to me. Without it this would never be possible.
Austin Hinrichs: What can you say, but thank you? I really really appreciate you and what you are doing for not only me, but for JBU Students. It’s making a huge impact.
Randi Ruiz: Sorry. Thank you. I don’t know if I could do it. Thank you so much.
Derek Demars: Thank you.
Danny Tuxhorn: Thank you.
Sara Tindall: Thank you.
Randi Ruiz: Thank you.
Thomas Mulcahy: Thank you so much.
Pearson Marshall: Thank you.
Kate Gooderl: Thank you so much.
Cassie Castellanet: Thank you.
Ethan Vasser: Thank you.
Lauren Griffith: Thank you.
Austin Hinrichs: Thank you.
Lori Franz: Thank you.
Tyler Hollowell: Thank you.
Ryan DaCosta: Thank you so much and God bless.

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