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Learn about the Graphic and Web Design major at JBU

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Todd Goehner (Professor): One of the coolest things about the graphic design department here is that we are really progressive, and we always try to be on the forefront of where the graphic design industry is.
Dave Andrus (Professor): Graphic design classes are taught by doing. We don’t spend that much time talking about stuff, at least not in an abstract way. We’re working on projects, so right from the beginning we start doing work, and they bring it back and we put it up on the wall and we talk about it.
Analu Orellana (Student): They tell you like the basics, what you need to know for the rest of your career…
Dave Andrus (Professor): …is to try to help the students build the best possible portfolio.
Todd Goehner (Professor): Mr. Andrus and Charles—Mr. Peer have developed a program that has become very successful, we’re considered one of the top schools in the nation.
Ashley Cecil (Student): It’s great to go up to the offices and, you know, see five or six students hanging out with the professors in the middle of the day.
Todd Goehner (Professor): I’m always inspired by my students.
Dave Andrus (Professor): We just have as nice a place as you could ask for. We’ve got excellent equipment, beautiful rooms to work in.
Todd Goehner (Professor): We try to remember that what we’re doing here is to always honor God.
Daniel Herron (Student): They are examples of professionals who are successful in the industry, who have a faith, and they’re not afraid to talk about.
Ashley Cecil (Student): We should be known as hard workers because we’re followers of Jesus and I think that they really integrate that in our learning.
Daniel Herron (Student): A real venue where creativity is encouraged and stimulated is what you find in any one of the classes that we have.

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