Faculty Profile: Dr. David Cater

Meet Psychology Professor Dr. David Cater

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Dr. David Cater (Psychology Professor): I’m from originally California. I was born in Pasadena in the Rose Bowl town and I grew up in a conservative church in which there were already two psychologists in charge of the youth group. So I got an idea about what psychology was about even when I was like eleven or twelve years old. My background is primarily in clinical psychology. And in clinical psychology what you want to do is get your students interested in cases. And so, I often have students get practice in presenting cases. They’re going to have to find some case in the field. They’re going to have to go out on the media and collect source material and show it on the board. They’re going to have to do a case write up and present it to the class. Most people around here know that I am an avid amateur astronomer. I made my first telescope when I was fourteen. I have been buying, selling, making telescopes, restoring telescopes for about fifty years. The thing I have always been interested in is integrating Christian faith with the science of behavior and mental processes making their major somehow fit inside Christian theology. We have a lot of students here who “get it” and when they “get it”, whatever it is you’re trying to help them understand, it’s a “zing” to see them “get it” and you had something to do with it.

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