Liberal Arts Major Overview


Nikki Jones:
I chose John Brown because of the degree completion program.
I could go completely online without having to go to a classroom.

Neal Jones:
Balancing life and school, I have to go to work everyday.
I got a family at home.
And I got to go to school.
I can finish my education fully online. I love it.
Hi, my name is Neal Jones and I am majoring in the Liberal Arts program.

Nikki Jones:
Hi, I'm Nikki Jones. I'm studying Liberal Arts with a concentration in Psychology.
Going online, it's not like being in a class where you can just lean over and say,
'Hey' But that's when you can just go online to your class and post a discussion,
is anybody else having issues, how can you help me?
So you're still able to reach out.
And professors have reached out through phone calls,
they've even encouraged us to call if we had a question.

Neal Jones:
My professors online also help me grow in my Christian beliefs.
They want you to incorporate your Christian beliefs in your homework assignments.
That helped me come to terms with a lot of my faith.

Nikki Jones:
I can do my work whenever I need to.
I don't have to revolve my life around a school time or a class schedule.
I can revolve that around my life.

Neal Jones:
I learned how to be very good at time management.
When my wife will put my kids into the bed, and we'll sit down and write papers.
And then we might watch a movie after we get finished,
but homework comes first.
The kids can see that education is important.
When I graduate, not only is my name going to be on a diploma
but John Brown University is going to be on there as well.

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