2014 New Student Move-In

New JBU students get moved in to the residence halls.

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My name is Chase Poage, I am the A.R.D. of J. Alvin Brown Residence Hall. Today is new student move-in. So we've developed a quite ingenious system on keeping chaos under control and making everything as smooth a transition as possible for the incoming students. So what happens is they pull up, and we have a spotter that they kind of get them checked in, a brief check-in. And then what they do is they tell however many O-Leaders or faculty, how many people they need, to come unload their stuff. So they come, unload the car, take it to the student's room and then they go park and go up to the room and chat with their R.A., sign some paperwork... We get a quite, broad range of stuff that gets moved in. Naturally you get your bedsheets and your T.V.s and your gaming consoles and your socks and underwear but I just so happened to see a taxidermied raccoon being carried up to the third floor. Created quite the stir.

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