New Basketball Coach Press Conference

JBU announces the hiring of a new coach for the Men's Basketball Team.

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Announcer- please join me in welcoming the tenth head men basketball coach at John Brown University Jason Bastah.
Man- We really are excited because JBU athletics is really important to our community.
Jason- Thank you all for coming. To show your support of the men basketball program here at JBU. One of the things I've said throughout this interview process, a big word in my vocabulary and that's development, and that is something that I am concern with as a coach developing players defiantly one thing but developing men and being at a place like JBU developing men that is going to follow after Christ.
Man in crowd- Do we have an assistant coach, yet?
Jason- We are in the process of going through that and Lord willing we will have that in place soon but we have a great candidate I'm working on right now.
2nd Man in the crowd- You left a good school what attracted you to leave there and come here?
Jason- I did leave a great university. I'm extremely thankful to the people at Oklahoma Wesleyan who gave me the opportunity there. John Brown is a special place it;s going to be great to be a part something that is at a higher level, going up NEI division I, knowing I'm going to a place that doesn't have to compromise it's values it would be hard not to be excited about a place like this.