Word on the Street: Valentine's Day

JBU students voice their opinions on Valentine's Day.

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Student 1: What is my opinion of Valentine's Day?
Student 2: I hate Valentine's Day.
Student 3: I think Valentine's Day is pretty fun, but I don't really do much with it. I just kinda hang out with my friends, and pass out Valentines to them that I find online and I think are funny.
Student 4: I think it should be called S.A.D.- Singles Awareness Day.
Student 1: Valentine's Day is not all that special. Why would we need a holiday to tell someone that we think is special that they're special?
Student 5: Valentine's Day back in Guatemala, it's more like a consumerism thing. Everyone buys things for their special someone.
Student 1: I don't have plans! I don't even know when Valentine's Day is!
Student 4: I'm gonna take my fiancée to Barnett's, and give her chocolate, and a stuffed animal, and three cards.
Student 6: He's an overachiever.
Student 4: I win.
Student 3: Don't have anything special, just gonna hang out. Probably go buy candy.
Student 2: Probably, you know, doing some homework. Or being Forever Alone, or- [laughs] I don't know. Probably hanging out with friends, that's what I did last year.
Student 7: Buy lots of chocolates!
Student 5: My favorite candy is Twix.
Student 3: I really like Fun Dip, with the little wands you get to stick in the sugar.
Student 2: Conversation Hearts! There we go, the conversation hearts.
Student 7: They're both engaged, and I'm single. ...but it's okay.
Student 4: So Valentine's Day just blows that up, which is why it should be called S.A.D. Singles Awareness Day, because now we know. Ladies, now you know.

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