Word on the Street: Favorite Caf Food

JBU students talk about their favorite foods in the cafeteria.

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Student 1: My favorite food would probably be the chicken curry. It got me really excited when I first saw it in the cafeteria.

Student 2: My biscuits and gravy, my staple.

Student 3: I really like when they have breakfast pastries, the cream cheese breakfast pastries. And there's this one time they had a spanish pork dish that was really delicious.

Student 4: The burrito line, just get chicken, rice, and beans. It's perfect.

Student 5: I really love the grilled cheese because it's always delicious and crispy and perfect. We always get really excited whenever they have it.

Student 6: I like the omelet bar.

Student 7: Well, I eat pizza almost every day so the pizza just gets better and better.

Student 8: Probably lasagna.

Student 6: ...I don't do a whole lot of crazy stuff with my food. I just go basic.

Student 7: Having pizza and chocolate milk.

Student 5: I've tried chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter, making a sandwich.

Student 3: I really to put peanut butter and fruit in my oatmeal.

Student 1: I'm from Africa, and Ethiopian food is my favorite. So I think it would be cool to have an Ethiopian food day.

Student 4: For goodness' sake, give me chicken, everyday, please. Grilled chicken, you can make salads, sandwiches.

Camera Man: What would you like?

Student 2: Oh! I thought of something the other day...and I forgot it.

Student 4: I would make an awesome spinach salad with some berries and a nice vinaigrette. It would be lovely.

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