To Those Who Do

Celebrating 20 Years of Degree Completion

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Narrator: There are some who do. They embrace the present, living passionately in every moment. They work hard because their family depends on it. And because it's the right thing to do. They believe work is a gift, they pass on their faith and values to their children in every moment. But don't mistake their doing for a lack of dreaming. They dream of tomorrow. What it will hold, what it will be. New adventures, pursuits, friendships, successes, love. What their children will become, and their children's children. This is where the dreamers stop with the dream. But the do-ers, they keep going. They know their dreams will cost something, and they are ready to finish what they once started. So they dig deep, relying on strength that isn't found in the everyday stranger. Strength that is guided by faith, hope, and love. Long hours, late nights, pursuing the dream of tomorrow. And for the do-ers, tomorrow always comes. Born out of the hard work and sacrifice of yesterday, morning dawns. And with it comes a new beginning. Entrepreneur. Business Leader. Graduate. And when their dreams come true, they close their eyes and dream again. Here's to 20 years of do-ers.

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