Word on the Street: JBUNOW TVs

Opinons on the new campus digital signage.

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Student 1: I really like them, I see them walking to the caf.
Student 2: I think it's a great way to relay information to people.
Student 3: I actually kind of like them, especially in between classes they're kind of like a little entertainment, if you will.
Student 4: I have noticed it, it's interesting. There are TVs all over the place. They're playing stuff, it's great.
Seth Long: I've noticed them. They're big and they're cool.
Student 3: You get to see what else is going on in school because sometimes I feel we're not informed well enough.
Student 4: I think my favorite segment right now is probably the TP Game one, just because there's a really great shot of all the toilet paper just -pwoofsh- onto the field.\
Student 1: I actually like the segment about the classes, when they're talking about which classes are interesting.
Student 3: The Marine Biology one, I love seeing all the coral reefs and stuff like that, and especially the reactions of the students.
Student 4: I think it'd be great to see some theatre stuff on there, once we get that rolling.
Student 2: How beautiful the campus is, I don't know if it is portrayed that much to people outside.
Student 5: I think it'd be cool to see more major specific stuff, like cinema students showing their projects on there.
Seth Long: Maybe of the choir singing at some point, Because that's all I do, so I'd like to be represented.
Student 1: Things that happen around campus that most people don't know about, but have the opportunity to be a part of.

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