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Listen to professors and students talk about the Construction Managment Major.

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Mark Terril: Our Construction Management program is geared to preparing students to be construction management professionals and leaders.

Richard Faust: These guys are training to be construction managers. They're running schedules, they're doing budgets. They're supervising.

Mark Terril: We believe we've got some unique things here. For example, our Practicum.

Richard Faust: The Seniors run the project, the Freshmen give the labor, they're supervised by the Seniors.

Stephen Caldwell: We work as a team, each Senior class is assigned a house or a project to build from the ground up. You depend on each other to get projects done.

Mark Terril: We want them to understand the nuts and bolts of actually putting a building together.

Stephen Caldwell: JBU has one of the best facilities I've seen and it's unique that you get the hands-on aspect, as well as the in the class, and the office aspect.

Seth Davis: They say, 'Hey! Go help this guy frame a deck.' And if you don't know how to do it, you learn pretty fast

Mark Terril: They also become very familiar with lots of software.

Stephen Caldwell: You learn basic skills of all the management side, from budgeting to estimating how much the building will cost. To learning how it goes together, and what's involved in that, all the contracts.

Richard Faust: We try and give our students every experience we can to expose them to the different facets of the industry that they're going to step into as they get out.

Stephen Caldwell: There's a lot to learn, and I feel that JBU really prepares us well to succeed.

Seth Davis: I think every single Senior now has a job, every Senior that graduated last year is now working in construction.

Richard Faust: Start looking around and seeing the buildings that are going up around you, there's got to be highly trained, very technical people building those buildings. And that's us.

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