Word on the Street: Fall Break

What JBU students did during this year's fall break.

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Student 1: Over Fall Break, I went to San Diego to see my friend who's basically my older brother in his new up and coming Broadway show.

Student 2: Well, first day of Fall Break I did all of my homework and had no fun. And the rest of it, I built a large castle in Minecraft, and went to church.
Student 3: Over Fall Break I went with my family to St. Louis and we watched my little brother in a band competition. It was really fun, I'd never been to St. Louis. It was really cool to see the city.

Student 4: I went home and I hung out with my siblings. And I just went home and relaxed.

Student 5: Over Fall Break I stayed and I hung out with my roommate and we went to his girlfriend's house in Bentonville, and we just chilled out there. Ate good food, chilled by the fire.

Student 6: Well, I slept in mostly, had to work a lot of the time. But other than that just kind of relaxed a little bit. Got my mind off of school and all that.

Student 1: So we just hung out, saw the show twice. Cried. Had fun. So yeah.

Student 3: It's called BOA and I'd always wanted to go and see it. It was just really cool to see all the bands from literally across America.

Student 5: We just went around Bentonville, visited the Five and Dime, which was Sam Walton's first store. So it's like the first Walmart, and we just visited different places, like 21c, the new hotel that's a museum as well. And then we went on the Bentonville trail. And Tuesday, we just slept and relaxed that entire day.

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