Word on the Street: Summer

What JBU students did this summer.

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Tim: This summer I had an internship with the Sherwin Williams Company. It was a really great networking opportunity.
1: I went to go visit, after a long time of waiting, my host brother in Costa Rica.
2: I worked for James and James Furniture Company, which is actually started by some people that graduated from JBU.
3: I went home to Washington State, where I’m from. I got to see friends and family there, work at a local organization with kids, and I also got see the ring at Seattle’s Opera.
Jacob: I went to a national marketing competition for my marketing strategies class. Out of 90 entrance, my group took first.
4: I was able to land an internship with a local vendor for Walmart called Velmonte Foods.
Rebecca: I worked here in Northwest Arkansas at a children’s shelter.
1: When I got back here with my family, I went on vacation with them to Florida.
Jacob: Then I followed that up by going to D3 Nationals with the JBU’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team.
2: I just went in and gave it everything I’ve got and stayed on the whole summer.
3: It was quite an experience to be able to go and to be able to see it live and in person.
Rebecca: Getting to work at the shelter was a really good experience for getting to know how to work with children and learn their styles of learning.
4: It also allowed me to take what I’d learned from school, in class, and actually figure how to develop it and apply it to real world situations.
Jacob: I’m just working 40 hours a week and getting a lot of good experience in a field that I really want to pursue. So, that’s what I did with my summer.

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