Student Accounts Services

Undergraduate Studies


  • Banking:  All students are encouraged to have a bank account if they will be refunded excess financial aid or will have work-study earnings. Check cashing service is no longer provided in the Business Office.

Local Banks List

  • Work-study Earnings: Direct deposit is available for work-study earnings. To have your work-study earnings deposited direct to your banking account, you may complete the Payment Authorization Form available on the Financial Aid Work-study forms page.

The University Cashier cannot cash work-study paychecks but if a student is using their work-study earnings to pay on their account, they may endorse their pay check for the cashier to apply the work-study check as a payment on their student account balance.

  • Refunds of Credit Balances: If you expect a refund of excess financial aid, enroll in Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is generally a faster refund process than paper checks. It is also easier and safer-the funds go straight to your bank account and you receive an email notification of the transaction. Enroll for Direct Deposit for refunds using the Banking Information link on EagleNet.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

  • Online Payments: In order to continue offering students and parents the convenience and flexibility of paying student bills electronically, JBU has contracted with Official Payments Corporation (OPC) to process card payments. In our ongoing effort to manage the cost of providing a quality education, JBU can no longer cover the costs of cards payments on student accounts.

Effective July 1, 2013 card payments for tuition and fees will incur a service fee billed by OPC. The 2.5% service fee applies only to card payments. JBU offers a no-cost electronic check option as an online alternative. Traditional paper checks or money orders may be mailed to the University Cashier. Cash is also accepted as an in-person transaction.

  • Student Financial Account: Review your e-statement online through EagleNet. Charges, account details, and anticipated financial aid are shown. (Note that potential workstudy earnings will not show here). Please review your account regularly and make timely payments. Contact your Student Accounts Representative with any questions or concerns. Paper statements will not be mailed to current students.

Student Account Instructions

  • Payment Options

PAY IN FULL Pay your expected account balance (less anticipated financial aid & workstudy earnings) in full five days prior to the start of the term.

PAYMENT PLAN Pay 20% five days prior to the start of the term then you will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan after the 2nd week of the term. A $50 payment plan fee will be added to your account at that time.

Payment Plans for Undergraduate Students

  • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA): Complete the FERPA Third Party Release if you authorize the Student Accounts staff to discuss your student financial account details with your parent or other third party. Submit the completed release form to your Student Accounts Representative.


International Student Payments - Wire Transfers

Complete wire transfers of funds for student accounts payments through peerTransfer.


Student Health Insurance

Undergraduate Students enrolled 9 hours or more- Remember to waive student health insurance in Preregistration if you do not want JBU Student Health Insurance.


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 Student Loan Exit Counseling


Questions? Contact Undergraduate Student Accounts Representative

Barbara Kenney
Phone: 479.524.7113
Office #36 in Chapman Bldg