*Online Course Offerings

Each semester JBU offers online courses.  Courses are offered in Graduate Business and Graduate Counseling.  Various undergraduate courses are also offered.  Information is listed below for the graduate classes as well as undergraduate. 

Fall 2014                           Spring 2015

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 Degree Completion

Fall 2014

Fall Term 1: August 25 - October 17

ATG2173: Principles of Financial Accounting

BBL1013: Old Testament Survey

BUS1123: Business Communications

BUS2113: Financial Spreadsheet Applications

BUS4293: Essentials of Organizational Behavior

BUS4993: Strategic Management

COR1103: Orientation to Online Adult Learning

ECN2113: Principles of Microeconomics

ECN4103: International Economics

HST2153: 20th Century World History

MKT3143: Principles of Marketing

POL3133: Politics of Social Policy

PSY3423: Social Psychology

RPH3003: Introduction to Philosophy

SST1113: Introduction to Sociology

Information about the degree completion program can be found here.

Fall Term 2:  October 20 - December 19

ATG2183: Principles of Managerial Accounting

BBL1023: New Testament Survey

BUS2153: Financial Math

BUS2193: Business Statistics

BUS4143: Business Law

BUS4173: Business Finance

BUS4993: Strategic Management

COM4373: Online Advocacy

COR1103: Orientation to Online Adult Learning

ECN2123: Principles of Macroeconomics

MGT2173: Principles of Management

POL3003:  Political Philosophy

PSY1013: Introductory Psychology

PSY2383: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences

PSY4213: Abnormal Psychology

Information about the degree completion program can be found here.

 Graduate Business

Fall 2014

Fall Term 1: August 25 - October 20

BUS8003: Managerial Finance

BUS8253: Survey of Global Business Practice

BUS8993: Designing and Executing Strategies

HED7113: History and Philosophy of American Higher Education

LDR7343: Corporate Governance and Ethics

LDR8033: Christian Foundations for Organizational Leaders

LDR8333: Global Leadership and Ethics

Fall Term 2: October 22 - December 19

BUS7013: Managerial Accounting

BUS7223: Managerial Economics

BUS8013: Research Methods

HED7663: College Student: Issues, Policies and Programs

LDR7113: Foundations of Leadership

LDR7223: Mission, Vision and Values

LDR7993: Building Teams

Information about the graduate business classes can be found here

Graduate Counseling

Fall 2014

(August 25 - December 19)

CNL7313: Career Development Info and Vocational Education

CNL7513: Intro Clinic Mental Health

CNL7623: Family Systems

CNL8053: Crisis Counseling

CNL8433: Professional Development and Ethics

Information about the graduate counseling classes can be found here.

**The JBU Graduate Counseling program is pleased to offer students several online courses that might allow for more flexibility in scheduling coursework. JBU has utilized the top standard for delivery of distance coursework making sure that every course has an interactive component and utilizes both synchronous and nonsynchronous modalities.  While the degree is not offered online, the identified courses that have been selected for this type of delivery have been approved by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy. Please be advised that different states have different rules and regulations regarding distance online courses. JBU does not assume responsibility for courses that are recognized (or allowed) in other states. Any student who takes an online counseling course at JBU must determine whether this course will be accepted in that particular state.


Traditional Undergraduate Classes

**Traditional Undergrad may take any of the online courses listed above under Degree Completion Fall 1 and Fall 2

How to apply for a traditional undergraduate class:

Current JBU student:  register for the class at normal registration time

Non JBU Student:

Complete a non degree seeking application for admission.  Fill out the application, print it and send it back to the admissions office by one of the following ways:

Fax:  479-524-4196

Mail:  John Brown University
         ATTN: Admissions
         2000 W University
         Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Drop Off:  You may also drop the form off at the Admissions Building on the main campus.  For more information you may call 1-877-JBU-INFO.

Once you have turned in your application you will receive a letter from admissions with further instructions.