Press Releases

KLRC Listeners Help Grant Christmas Wishes

12/18/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Receives CASE Circle of Excellence Award

12/16/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU to Hold Fall Commencement Ceremony December 20

12/15/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU to Host Bible Across America at JBU Rogers Center

12/12/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Awarded Highest Honor for Fiscal Management

12/09/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Announces a Health Emphasis in Organizational Management

12/08/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Offers Exclusive MBA for Walmart Associates

12/02/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

President Pollard Featured Profile in Ark. Democrat Gazette

11/24/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Speech and Debate Team Place First in Tournament

11/19/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Celebrates 66th Annual Christmas Candlelight

11/18/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

JBU SIFE Hosts World Trade Expo for Middle School Students

11/13/2008 12:00 PM 

KLRC Listeners “Pay it Forward”

11/05/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Welcomes Chicago Painter Dan Addington

11/03/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

JBU Students Present “Singin’ in the Rain”

10/31/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Announces Renewable Energy Major

10/28/2008 12:00 PM 

TP Game Among Top College Basketball Traditions

10/27/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

"I Choose Us" Marriage Seminar Coming to Rogers

10/27/2008 12:00 PM 

Relationship Week Brings Distinguished Guest

10/23/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Students Host Political Forum

10/16/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Students to Host Political Forum

10/14/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Hosts Area Legislators

10/13/2008 12:00 PM 

CRE Grant Funds Engaged Couple Seminar

10/10/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Hosts Bi-State Water Quality Forum

10/07/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

Homecoming Draws Hundreds and Assembles Largest JBU Choir

10/07/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

Fort Smith CARE Clinic Hold Ribbon Cutting

10/03/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

“Longing and Hope” Exhibit to Open at JBU Art Gallery

10/01/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

Fort Smith CARE Clinic Opens to Community

09/22/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

President Pollard Speaks at Community Worship Service

09/18/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Enrollment Sets Record High for Traditional Undergrads

09/18/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Welcomes Award-Winning Storyteller

09/17/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

KLRC Launches New Online Alternative Music Station

09/12/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

Grad Students Chosen to Present at International Conference

09/12/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

Pollard Featured Guest on National Radio Show

09/05/2008 12:00 PM 

KLRC Sets Record in Ratings

09/02/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

New Music Posters on Display at JBU Art Gallery

08/29/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Biology Professor Greuel Elected Fellow of the ASA

08/28/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

U.S.News Score Puts JBU Among Top 7 Baccalaureates in U.S.

08/22/2008 12:00 PM 

Nabholz Joins JBU Faculty, Staff in moving in New Students

08/21/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Announces $5 Million Lead Gift to Performing Arts Center

08/18/2008 12:00 PM 

NWA Students Benefit from KLRC Listeners

08/07/2008 12:00 PM 

First Annual JBU Academic Visitation Camp a Huge Success

08/05/2008 12:00 PM 

Del Monte Foods Supports JBU SIFE Students with $5,000 Grant

07/31/2008 12:00 PM 

NWA Students to Benefit from KLRC Listener Generosity

07/18/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU VP Serves as Dellenback Fellow in Austria

07/14/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

JBU Donates Technology Equipment to Community College

07/01/2008 12:00 PM 

DaySpring Cards Funds Endowed Scholarship at JBU

06/09/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

JBU Business Team Wraps Up Season at Tri-State Event

05/30/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

JBU SIFE Team Excels at National Competition

05/20/2008 12:00 PM  Link(s) Attached

Commencement Ceremonies Held at JBU

05/07/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

JBU Avoids Significant Damage During Storm

05/02/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Student Newspaper Wins Top Award

04/30/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Business Students Place Second in State Governor’s Cup

04/21/2008 12:00 PM 

Study Reveals Cost of Fragmented Families to Taxpayers

04/16/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU SIFE Students on their way to Nationals

04/09/2008 12:00 PM  Image(s) Attached

NWA Healthy Marriages Hosts Seminar

04/08/2008 12:00 PM 

Society of Illustrators Exhibit coming to JBU Art Gallery

04/08/2008 12:00 PM 

KLRC Wins Top National Radio Award

04/01/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Students Celebrate Free Tuition

03/27/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Speech and Debate Team Place 3rd at National Tournament

03/24/2008 12:00 PM 

KLRC Receives Nomination for National Award

03/14/2008 12:00 PM 

“The View from Here” Next Exhibit at JBU

03/14/2008 12:00 PM 

Writing Festival Returns to JBU

03/06/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU’s Cathedral Choir to Perform in Local Churches

03/06/2008 12:00 PM 

Aldo Mancinelli to Perform at JBU

02/26/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU SIFE Students to Appear on National Television

02/22/2008 12:00 PM 

Student’s Art on Display at JBU’s Art Gallery

02/20/2008 12:00 PM 

CRE to Host Engaged Couples Workshop

02/20/2008 12:00 PM 

KLRC Listeners Bless Families at Children’s Hospital

02/19/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Hosts Annual Family Weekend

02/14/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Initiates Crisis Alert System

02/07/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Speech and Debate Team Finish Season Strong

02/07/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Announces 2008-2009 Tuition, Fees, Room and Board Rate

02/05/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Art Gallery to feature Student Photography

02/04/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Faculty, Staff and Students Bring “Ruddigore” to Life

01/30/2008 12:00 PM 

JBU Speech and Debate Team Finishes Strong Again

01/29/2008 12:00 PM 

University Wraps Up Fundraising on Cathedral Group

01/24/2008 12:00 PM 

MLK Jr. Holiday Observed with Distinguished Guest at JBU

01/14/2008 12:00 PM