(October 20, 2003) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Administrators at U-A-M-S are considering a ban of all smoking on the grounds of its facilities. Smoking is already banned in all buildings, and in hopes of setting an example for the state, a wider ban would force smokers to leave the campus to have a drag. U-A-M-S Chancellor I Dodd Wilson says its up to his institution to set a healthy example for the rest of the state. The ban would apply to the entire Little Rock campus and all affiliates, including seven Area Health Education Centers across the state. Not all workers are happy about the proposal, which they say would inconvenience those who choose to smoke, and could force many to sneak their butts in stairwells or bathrooms. But Doctor James Suen says it sends the wrong message when there are cigarette butts littering the front entrance of the Arkansas Cancer Research Center. Suen is the director of the center. He says,"We represent the fight against cancer, and here are things that cause cancer sitting right on our front steps." The Chancellor's cabinet is expected to discuss the ban onOctober 29th. If approved it could go into effect as soon as February next year.