Huckabee: 9/11 changed state, his job

(September 11, 2003) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Governor Huckabee says the job of being governor changed dramatically on September eleventh, 2001. The governor says the attacks created a sudden shift in priorities to ensure the safety of Arkansas residents. He said the state had to review its protocols for response, to make sure there is communication between agencies that would be first to respond to an attack. Huckabee says the state had to look at a range of possible targets, including the Pine Bluff Arsenal and Arkansas Nuclear One. He also said the state had to make sure it could communicate quickly with the public to bring about an evacuation or avert panic based on only rumors. Still, Huckabee emphasized that the chances of an attack in Arkansas are remote. Huckabee spoke this morning on Little Rock television station K-T-H-V.