(August 18, 2003) - (Fayetteville-AP) -- Of all of the locations from which people are moving to northwest Arkansas, the country's most-populated state comes out on top. Some Californians are relocating for the plethora of jobs related to Wal-Mart and Tyson. Others -- mainly from the Los Angeles area -- are seeking respite from gridlocked traffic, air pollution and crowded neighborhoods. According to the U-S Census Bureau, about 76-hundred Californians moved to Washington and Benton counties between 1995 and 2000. That's 15 percent of all the people who came to the counties from other states. They've helped the area grow into the sixth-fastest-gorwing metro area in the country. Experts say it's the economy, stupid. California, the world's sixth-largest economy, is in economic and political turmoil as Governor Gray Davis faces a recall election. For Bruce Witthans of Los Angeles, whose grandparents retired here, making the move made sense so his sons could be raised in a safer environment.