Boozman only Arkansan voting against intelligence bill

(December 8, 2004) - LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A sweeping intelligence-reform bill drew the votes of Arkansas's three Democratic congressmen, but not the lone Arkansas Republican in the House. Voting in favor of the bill yesterday evening in the House were Arkansas Congressmen Marion Berry, Vic Snyder and Mike Ross, all Democrats. But Republican Congressman John Boozman voted against it. House members waited most of the day today to see the final version of the bill. They needed to see how much it would differ from the original recommendations of the 9-11 Commission to fix security problems that left the nation susceptible to terrorism on September Eleventh, 2001. Berry said the 9-11 Commission recognized the country didn't have control of its borders. He said the bill does only a little to fix that, but he voted for it. Boozman said the final bill was a watered-down version of what the country really needs. He said he voted against it because it left out key provisions like national standards for drivers' licenses and immigration reform.