USS Razorback leaves Florida for Arkansas

(June 14, 2004) - (Key West, Fla.-AP) -- A submarine destined for a permanent home on the Arkansas River at North Little Rock is scheduled to head out across the Gulf of Mexico today. The U.S.S. Razorback was in Key West, Florida, yesterday, where local dignitaries and veterans who once served on her turned out to get a look. The Razorback was bought from the Turkish Navy by North Little Rock, which had acquired her from the U-S Navy in 1970. The city plans to make the submarine the centerpiece of an inland maritime exhibit. Now, she's being towed by an ocean-going tugboat from Turkey to Arkansas. The Razorback will be heading today for New Orleans, where she is due to arrive on Saturday. Then the submarine will be towed up the Mississippi River to the Arkansas River, and to North Little Rock.