(May 26, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Nolan Richardson's attorney is expected to finish presenting the fired basketball coach's discrimination case against the university today. School lawyers have said it will take them four days to present their defense in Richardson's federal lawsuit. Yesterday, Richardson said Arkansas decided to fire him after a news conference that included racially charged comments. The account differs from testimony by school officials -- who said Richardson was terminated for saying the school could buy out his contract for half its value. Richardson testified that Chancellor John A- White and athletic director Frank Broyles told him they were firing him for remarks at a February 25th, 2002, news conference in Fayetteville. The testimony differed from some university trustees, who said that Arkansas system President Alan Sugg notified them February 24th, 2002, that the coach would be fired. The reason given was that Richardson offered the day before to leave if the school paid him his money. Richardson also said both Broyles and associate athletic director Katie Hill had made racial slurs directed at him, but added that he had not made the specific allegations before. U-S District Judge William Wilson Junior struck the remarks from the record as hearsay.