Richardson: way Arkansans treat him

(May 25, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Fired Arkansas basketball coach Nolan Richardson says he is entitled to damages from the university beyond what's in his contract. Richardson gave his reasons in a lengthy speech yesterday as he testified in his discrimination lawsuit in federal court. He says people in places other than Arkansas respect him for his accomplishments, but in this state people look at him and talk to him in a way that is embarrassing. He said that is difficult after devoting his life to basketball - much of it at Arkansas. Richardson also testified yesterday that he had no reason to believe he would be fired after saying the Razorbacks could buy out his contract. The coach says he thought he was doing his job. Richardson said he would like to have his job back, but not at the expense of current coach Stan Heath. While he has said he would not want to work again for White or Broyles, he did not specifically mention them in laying out conditions for his return, saying only that he would not work under the same circumstances as before.