(May 12, 2004) - (Springdale-AP) -- Police have trapped a bear that was running through three northwest Arkansas cities this week. The two day pursuit ended when three police forces captured the female bear cub early yesterday morning. Springdale police chased the bear up a tree on a residential street after people called in bear sightings in Fayetteville and Johnson earlier in the day. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission employee Bob Wilson tranquilized the 115-pound cub. The uninjured bear was released yesterday in the White Rock Wildlife Management Area. Police said that the bear was in good shape and noted that it was unusual that a female would come wandering into town. They said males usually do that. This particular bear was spotted on porches and in yards. Police said bears typically wander into Fayetteville or Springdale about once a year. Eureka Springs usually has a visit about once a year.