(March 17, 2004) - (Hope-AP) -- For sale on eBay: a small, neatly-maintained home on a corner lot in Hope. Previous occupants include a boy who grew up to be president. Gary Johnson turned to the online auction house when he ran into trouble selling the house, where Bill Clinton lived for three years as a child. Johnson has lived in the house with his mother for 10 years, but now is getting married and looking for a larger place. He won't say how many inquiries he has had since posting the home on the Internet site a week ago, but said he has had some serious inquiries. The initial bid was 45-thousand dollars and was up to 191-thousand in a bidding frenzy last night, exceeding the reserve price. The auction ends April seventh. The former president was born in Hope on August 19th, 1946, and his birthplace home has been turned into a museum. Clinton lived in the residence Johnson owns from 1951 to 1953 before moving to Hot Springs.