(February 19, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- The latest ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for medical in Arkansas use falls short of legal standards. That's the decision by Attorney General Mike Beebe, who says the wording of the proposed initiative is too ambiguous to be placed before voters. Beebe, who must certify ballot titles before initiated acts can move forward, says the wording of the proposed title did not fully summarize the proposal. The proposal was submitted by Denele Campbell of West Fork, who has submitted numerous other ballot proposals for medical marijuana that were also rejected by Beebe. Campbell is the executive director of the Alliance for Reform of Drug Policy in Arkansas. In response to Campbell's proposal, Beebe wrote that he rejected the ballot title because he could not "fairly or completely summarize the effect of (the) proposed measure to the electorate in a popular name or ballot title without resolution of the ambiguity."