(February 17, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- More than 50 people lined up outside Krispy Kreme this morning at three o'clock to get in for the doughnut shop's five-thirty grand opening. The first store from the popular national chain to come to Arkansas also caused a traffic jam on Shackleford Road in west Little Rock. Police officers had to maintain order on the thoroughfare, preventing motorists from turning left into the store's parking lot. Arkansas first lady Janet Huckabee was the first customer to enter the doughnut store. She joked with Little Rock television station K-A-T-V that it would be nice to have an underground delivery system connecting the store with the governor's mansion. The store's co-owner, Richard Clements, said Arkansans had been shipping the doughnuts in from Memphis, Tennessee, or Tulsa, Oklahoma.