The Red Steps

Touring Worship Band

Red StepsJBU students gather in the Cathedral of the Ozarks for chapel services several times a week. During those services, chapel bands lead the JBU body in musical worship from a stage at the top of six red steps. The Red Steps is a band committed to taking the musical worship of JBU down those red steps and out to people, coffee shops, schools and churches around the country. This band communicates the mission and ministry of JBU through testimony, music and informal conversation, and, in doing so, recruits more students to find their place in the JBU story.

The Red Steps is a band of four to six students chosen through highly competitive auditions. The band is led by faculty member, Jen Edwards, and travels through the academic school year.

Listen to the Red Steps

The Red Steps recorded an album in 2011 which is available on iTunes. They also released a new single in November 2014 "Blind to Darkness. Listen below:

Blind to Darkness

Tour Schedule

Spring 2016

Plano, TX- Prestonwood Christian Academy
Thursday, January 21

Little Rock, AR - Little Rock Christian Academy
Wednesday, March 2

Meet the Band

RedSteps   RedSteps  


Asher Perkins (Electric Guitar)
Howdy! My name's Asher and I'm a senior Music Major. I'm from Siloam Springs and I play guitar and other stuff too. I enjoy playing tons of racquetball and writing music. JBU's pretty dang great for all kinds of people. I've thoroughly enjoyed my journey with this community.


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Alyssa Blake: Bass Guitar
Hey! I am a junior Worship Arts major (Family and Human Services minor), and I am from Springfield, Missouri. I love food and the color green! I enjoy surrounding myself with music, the outdoors, and people to love. Since being at JBU, I am discovering a new rich life of creativity, ministry, history, humanity, and the love of our eternal God. The individuals in this band have played a substantial role in this process, and I truly enjoy serving with such a group of musicians.


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Aleah Eldridge (Vocals)
Hi! My name is Aleah Eldridge, and I am a worship arts major with a vocal emphasis. I was born and raised in the beautiful (and humid) state of Texas, I love my family, and I am so thankful I ended up at JBU where I am a chapel leader and a member of the Cathedral Choir. A few fun facts about me: I love anything red velvet, I am incapable of whistling, jazz squares are my go-to dance move, and laughing is my favorite.



Will Nitz (Drums)
Hello! My name is Will Nitz and I am a senior here at JBU. I am working towards a degree in construction management. My hometown is right here in Siloam Springs. I have a strong passion for playing the drums, and jamming. Being a student at JBU has given me the rare opportunity to participate in both worship drumming and building construction.

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Martha Wanzer (Keys, Vocals)
Hey there! My name is Martha Wanzer, and I am a Junior here at John Brown University from Siloam Springs, Arkansas majoring in Family and Human Services. I play the piano and also sing. The things I enjoy most are spending time with friends and eating food. I have had a passion for music since a very young age and I am looking forward to the opportunity to share that as we travel!


RedSteps  RedSteps   

Clint O’Kelley (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)
Hello! My name is Clint O'Kelley. I am a senior Worship Arts major from Little Rock, Arkansas. I sing and play acoustic guitar for the Red Steps! I enjoy song writing, making music with my friends, and creating atmospheres in which people can respond to who God is in musical worship. I love traveling and spending time outside! JBU has blessed me with so many wonderful opportunities to do what I love. Being in the Red Steps has been one of the biggest highlights during my time here at JBU!




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