Cool Facts

Spanish majors at JBU get a unique education that incorporates a Christian worldview within the classrooms. Spanish majors at JBU can:JBU Spanish

  • Spend a semester studying in Seville, Spain, as part of their course
  • Tutor colleges students in Spanish
  • Help local high school students with Spanish
  • Volunteer at the Dogwood Literacy Council in Siloam Springs
  • JBU has a large population of Walton Scholars and missionary kids, many of whom come from Spanish speaking countries. You could even request a Spanish-speaking roommate! This means you can practice your speaking skills.



Everyday ways to practice and improve your Spanish:

  • Make friends with a native speaker. Spend time with them talking (in Spanish, por supuesto) and doing things together, like learning how to cook something from their culture.JBU Spanish major paella cooking
  • Go Spanish with your entertainment: change your social media language settings to Spanish, create a Spanish music playlist for driving or homework, post statuses in Spanish and watch movies in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. The JBU cable network even has two Spanish TV channels. Changing even one aspect of everyday life to Spanish goes a long way!
  • Find someone to teach. Having this responsibility is a fun way to share what Spanish you know and are learning. It's a great way to review, learn new words and grammar and get creative with your own language learning! Teaching others will help you understand the language better too.
  • Learn vocabulary related to something you're passionate about. For example, if you’re interested in art, learn how to critique a painting, describe a project idea or buy new supplies in Spanish. Make flashcards, put labels on objects or make up songs to learn and practice the words.JBU Spanish majors study abroad students
  • Fill the background with Spanish – whether you’re mowing lawns this summer, working out, or going on a road trip, take the chance to throw a Spanish podcast or music playlist into the background. Rap and dance music for working out, a sermon in Spanish for on the road, etc. ... even the background sound exposure will be helpful!
  • READ in Spanish – the news, a blog, a book, poetry, magazines, the Bible. Look up the words you don’t know. It will take more time, but will expand your understanding of grammar and vocabulary immensely.

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