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What are graduated JBU Spanish majors doing now?

>> AMBER WILSON, graduated in 2011 with a degree in Spanish. She is now living in San Antonio and working with BCFS Health and Human Services, specifically with foster care. Amber uses her Spanish skills on a regular basis - for example, teaching foster parent education classes in Spanish to help prepare families for the fostering process and relationship. Here's a sample of her work!:

Example BCFS slide 2



JBU Spanish major graduate Spain>> ELYSE TERRILL, class of 2013, graduated with a double major in Spanish and Intercultural Studies. Click here to read more about her experience at JBU, her year of studying and teaching English in Spain, as well as her current job as a bilingual teacher's assistant in a Chicago public middle school.




>> AMBER COPELAND LACEWELL, class of 2010, graduated with a double major in Spanish and Family & Human Services. Since November 2012 she has been working as the Bilingual Advocate at the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter. Here, Amber prepares clients for court appearances through various ways, like giving them suggestions on what to wear. She often accompanies them, will take notes during the hearing, and brief the other shelter staff on the decisions of the judge. She makes sure the client understands the proceedings.

Amber also works on translating documents for the purpose of immigration. She spends much time connecting clients to community resources (jobs, food banks, housing) and interprets during support group sessions.


>> MARGO SMITH SHIPLEY, class of 2011, graduated from JBU with an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Political Science. Margo concluded further studies at The University of Tulsa College of Law, graduating May 2014 summa cum laude and as the valedictorian of her class. She is now practicing Commercial and General Business Litigation law ( Check out some of her experiences as a law student, in which she was able to work directly with immigrant clients and domestic violence cases:

“2L Shipley Interns at TU College of Law’s Legal Clinic”

“2L Shipley Shares Experience as a DVIS Extern”

Career Options

Spanish is the second most widely spoken native language in the world after Chinese. That means Spanish majors have innumerable opportunities to use their skills in a variety of careers. Possible jobs after graduation include, but are not limited to, translating or using your Spanish speaking skills in:

  • Adoption agencies
  • Missions Work
  • Court Interpreter
  • FBI linguist
  • State Department
  • Department of Human Services
  • Social Advocacy
  • Social Work
  • Nursing
  • Case Worker
  • Children's Ministry
  • Technical Writing
  • Medical Clinician
  • Medical Documentation
  • Public Relations
  • Bank Loans Adjuster
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Missions Agencies
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Technical Writing
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Airline Worker
  • Tourism Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Radio/TV writing
  • Bilingual Educator
  • School Administrators
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Interpretation for US diplomats or the United Nations