Degree Plans

First Year Fall
COR 1002 Gateway Seminar
BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey
EGL 1013 English I
3 hours Life Science Option
KIN 1012 Wellness
HST 1013 Western Civilization I

Total Hours 16 hours

First Year Spring
EGL 1023 English II
BBL 1023 New Testament Survey
HST 1023 Western Civilization II
CMN 1213 Christian Leadership & Service
3 Hours Physical Science Option

Total Hours 15
Second Year Fall
RPH 2323 Logic or Philosophy Elective 
                 (fall even years only)
3 Hours  Arts Option
BBL 3413-63 New Testament
                     Book Study
RPH 3003 Introduction to Philosophy
3 Hours Minor/Elective

Total Hours 15

Second Year Spring
3 Hours Mathematics Option
RPH 3323 Philosophy of the
                 Christian  Faith
POL 2013 American Government
6 Hours Minor/Elective

Total Hours 15

Third Year Fall
3 Hours Foreign Language
BBL 3003 Evangelical Theology
3 Hours Philosophy Elective
3 Hours Minor/Elective
RPH 4433 Philosophy of Religion
                 (fall odd years only)
RPH 2323 Logic
                 (Fall even years only)

Total Hours 15 hours

Third Year Spring
3 Hours Foreign Language
3 Hours Minor/Elective
             RPH 3533 or RPH 3543
             (also GS credit)
RPH 3343 Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
             (Spring odd years only)
RPH 3353 Modern Philosophy
             (Spring even years only)
3 Hours Social Science Option

Total hours 15


Fourth Year Fall
3 Hours Foreign Language
EGL 4003 Masterpieces of Literature
6 Hours Minor/Elective
BBL 4002 Capstone: Christian Life
KIN 1121-1191 Wellness Activity
RPH 4433 or Philosophy Elective
                     (Fall odd years only)

Total Hours 18 hours

Fourth Year Spring
RPH 3343 or RPH 3353
3 Hours Foreign Language
RPH 4423 Ethics
6 Hours Elective/Minor

Total Hours for Four Years: 124 Hours  


Four Year Plan