Outdoor Leadership Ministries

Degree Plans

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with major in Outdoor Leadership Ministry Sample Four-Year Plan

First Year Fall
COR 1002 Gateway Seminar in Christian Scholarship
BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey
EGL 1013 English I
KIN 1002 Wellness
HST 1013 Western Civilization I
Total 15

First Year Spring
BBL 1023 New Testament Survey
EGL 1023 English II
3 hours Physical Science Core
KIN 11-1 Wellness Activity
HST 1023 Western Civilization II
CMN 1213 Christian Leadership & Service
 Total 16
Second Year Fall
CMN 2263 Discipleship & Evangelism
CMN 2373 Experiential Education
POL 2013 American Government
*BBL34_3 New Testament Book Study
3 hours Life Science Core
Total 15
Second Year Spring
BBL 3003 Evangelical Theology
FAM 2123 Relationship Development
CMN 2313Christian Formation of Adolescents
CMN 2223 Challenge Course
3 hours Elective
Total 15

Third Year Fall
BBL 3223 Communicating the Christian Message
RPH 3003 Introduction to Philosophy
CMN 2383 Outdoor Recreation Skills
CMN 2383 Outdoor Living Skills
3 hours Arts Core
Total 15
Third Year Spring
*RPH3323 Philosophy of the Christian Faith
CMN 3213 Camp Leadership & Management
FAM 4443 Critical Concerns
MTH 2103 Statistics with Computer Applications
3 hours Wilderness First Responder
CMN 422x Introduction to Senior Seminar
Total 16
Fourth Year Summer
CMN 4623 Cross-Cultural Internship

Fourth Year Fall
CMN 4433 Senior Seminar
EGL 4003 Masterpieces of Literature
CMN4613 Internship
6 hours Electives
Total 15
Fourth Year Spring
CMN 3313 Ministry Capstone
BBL 4003 Capstone Christian Formation
CMN4613 Internship
6 hours Electives
Total 15

Total: 122 hours

Outdoor Leadership Ministries 4 Year Plan