When a local business began struggling and needed marketing plans, the owners turned to JBU marketing students for help. "They were unable to pay a firm to write their plan, so they asked JBU's marketing students if they would help," said marketing major Brandon Knight '12. "We were able to help the local community while also gaining valuable, real-world experience."

John Brown University is located in an ideal area for students to learn contemporary marketing and retailing theory and practice because of the great influence of the companies in the area. The headquarters for Walmart, JB Hunt and Tyson are all located in Northwest Arkansas, allowing business students to study the inner workings of companies that are well-known in the area, and also well-known nationally and globally.

Students majoring in marketing take courses like retailing, consumer behavior, advertising and marketing research. Through these courses students gain insight to why consumers act the way they do, the rationality and irrationality of consumers’ decisions, and how those observations influence a company’s marketing strategies.

What does Brandon find most exciting? "I'm most excited about combining practical business knowledge with relationships. Business is about interaction," said Brandon. "We study consumer behavior and psychology in order to learn more about meeting the needs of different individuals, not just pushing a product."