Great Careers

A Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Digital Journalism gives students the opportunity to bring a Christian influence into the newsroom.

Below are updates from past students about where they are now and how JBU influenced their current careers:


Russell Hixson '12 - A reporter for the Skagit Valley Herald in Mount Vernon, Washington. Russell Hixson   
   What was your most memorable experience at JBU?

"Probably working for the student newspaper [the Threefold Advocate]. It is just a raw, dangerously exciting experience for a young writer to have. We [the students] essentially have complete control of the publication making it a huge responsibility but also a lot of fun."

Brittany Reading '12 - Office Manager
     What would you like prospective students to know about the digital journalism emphasis?

"Journalism is one of the most pro-active majors offered at JBU. I've seen attitudes and policies change on campus through the power of our words as student journalists. We're the watchdogs of not only the campus, but the Siloam Springs community."

"Being a journalism major challenged me in many ways throughout my time at JBU. The COM department has excellent professors who have real-world experience in their field and have the knowledge of helping you gain the skills to obtain a job using your degree. These professors have become my mentors who I greatly look up to and am thankful for. My major challenged me mentally, emotionally and even spiritually and has made me a better person because of it."

Adrianne KarasekAdrianne Karasek '12 - Graduate student at Florida State University
     How did being a part of the communication department at JBU help you in where you are today?

"The communication department prepared me for my career by teaching me how to write better, work in groups on ongoing projects, and taught me about the professional world I would be stepping into, even as a graduate student."


Jenny Fish '13 - Communications Specialist for the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce. Jenny Redfern
     What would you like prospective students to know about the digital journalism emphasis?

"I have had many people tell me that journalism is a dying field. I strongly disagree. Journalism is not dying but evolving. The next generation of journalists may not have their bylines printed in newspapers, but they will be prominently displayed on mobile, tablet and computer screens across the globe. This world will always need trusted sources to turn to for reliable information on current events. It will always need help discerning the truth. And it will always need people to tell its stories. Journalism is here to stay."