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Graphic Design students make awesome logos, packaging, apparel, posters, stationery, business cards, apps, websites and build a portfolio while in school:

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Graphic Design








Dave Andrus

Graphic Design professor Dave Andrus creates digital drawings, paintings and typographic work:

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Graphic Design students have 24-hour access to two 24-work station Mac computer labs equipped with the latest software, including the full Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Learn more about JBU's two beautiful art buildings.

Art West Computer Lab B

In the summer of 2014, some Graphic Design students are going to Ukraine for two weeks to provide design services for a missions organization while earning Graphic Design in Social Context class credit.

Graphic Design students often take international Summer Studies trips to do missions work. They have even more international opportunities, like the European Art Tour.


Graphic Design students can take printmaking and screen printing,

a couple of the most popular classes. The "Print Hive" has traditional and modern printmaking and screen printing equipment, including a letterpress, giving students approach design in a hands-on medium through innovative classes!

Printmaking Studio

Open Mac Night

Graphic Design students join the Visual Art Foundry, the student-led art club.

The Visual Art Foundry Design Mill hosts a weekly event where students can hang out and get peer critique on their work. The VAF also plans other events and workshops to connect art students while enriching their art education experience.

 JBU Visual Art

The Visual Arts Department is the fastest-growing department at JBU.

Graphic Design students get to be part of it.


Graphic Design students work with local companies to design logos, brochures and other print material. They can also design logos, brochures, posters and more for on-campus groups.