2010 Edition

JBU's English Department Literary Magazine

Formative Food

A collection of food-themed faculty essays and student poetry and artwork

Joanna Wiese - Watermelon

by Joanna Wiese

We invite you to find a comfy spot, grab a cup of coffee and your favorite snack, and take a few minutes to enjoy Formative Food. Formative Food consists of a balanced measure of both faculty and student work focusing on the role of food in their personal lives. The faculty essays presented here were gathered from a reading held on the John Brown University campus in the Fall of 2009. We hope you enjoy reading an artistic take on culinary necessities and are inspired and impressed by the wonderful talent showcased here.

We extend a warm thank you to all the faculty and students who submitted material for this magazine, to the English Department for providing funding, to our friends at the graphic design and web services offices, and to all other parties who helped us assemble this magazine. We extend a special thanks to Professor Kirk for guiding our efforts throughout the publication process. 


Kristin Kennelley
Alyssa Peiser
Caryss Hoegenauer
Autumn Weese


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