Great Careers

English is a versatile degree, which means students may take it to any job which requires writing, speaking and thinking critically.Jen Heller

Meet Jen Heller:

“Since I graduated, I've worked as an archives coordinator in Arkansas, an urban agriculture agent in Senegal, a wrangler and tour guide in Alaska, a refugee rehabilitation volunteer in Boise, and now a sales associate at a women's high-end fashion store, and it was the flexibility of how I presented my English degree as an asset that cemented each of those job opportunities for me. English majors are equipped to do WHATEVER they want in the English program with the critical thinking and communications skills they acquire.”

Other English Department graduates:

•Kevin Mills’ (’94) book "Baby Codes" became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

•Jeremy Seifert (’99) is in Svalbard, Norway, until Oct. 12, 2011, filming for a documentary film on the world’s food supply. See his websites: GMO Film Project; Dive! The Film.

•Jeff Reimer (‘03) is a full-time freelance editor. He edits mostly theological material for publishers such as Fortress, Baker Academic, Brazos, Paraclete and InterVarsity Press. He has corrected the grammar of many varied writers, from the current pope to the philosopher Slavoj Žižek.

•Spring Frankenburger Weaver (’05) is now editing a journal for a medical research company.

•Hannah Tranberg (’07) completed the program at the Denver Publishing Institute and has been working for a publisher in OKC for about three years now.

•Melanie Sooter (’09) is living in Taipei, Taiwan, working for Live ABC, an educational publisher, as Publications Editor – Educational Programming Associate.

Job Opportunities for English Majors include:

  • Graduate school - Many graduates choose to advance their career in a particular area of interest. These advanced degrees will enable students to be able to teach collegiate level classes.
  • Professional writing - With much of the world online these days, professional writing for blogs, digital magazines, businesses and other organizations is in great demand.
  • Editing for major publishing companies or corporations - Companies and businesses with print or digital material often need editors to stylize, analyze and reword brochures, magazine ads, write-ups and other print material.Great Careers
  • Technical Writing - Technical writing works well with English majors because it requires attention to detail, consistency and the ability to summarize overall messages into a concise statement. Often, writers will have to take complex ideas and make them understandable to the average reader ... which is exactly what English majors learn how to do.
  • Grant writing - English majors learn how to write persuasive arguments, which is exactly what grant writing entails.
  • Law school - Majoring in English works well with a degree in law, as you will have to read extensively while maintaining knowledge of overall ideas, create cohesive arguments and find research to back your arguments.
  • Public Relations - Those in public relations write press releases, pitch letters, write newsletters, research content for social media, write and edit web content and other print material. Many campaigns hire, and government agencies also hire public relations personnel.Great Careers
  • Sales - This career choice can be quite lucrative for some, and requires skills to analyze, communicate, sense customer's needs and empathize. Most English majors develop these skills throughout their academic careers.
  • Policy Analyst - Requires analyzing, writing, planning and developing new policy plans. Both governmental agencies and businesses in the private sector hire people to develop policies and communicate them clearly to the target audience.
  • Social Media Manager - Social media is a growing industry, and many companies, businesses, agencies and other organizations need people to develop and run their social media programs. The job requires creativity, planning and clear communication abilities, all skills developed as an English major.
  • Communications Officer - This position is typically found within government. Press writing, messaging and speech writing are all part of the job.
  • Teaching English Overseas - Many colleges and universities overseas pay for English majors to come and teach English, literature and other classes. This is also a great ministry opportunity.