Cool Facts

  1. Students gain practical, real-life experience running the Eagle Construction Company.
  2. Our dedicated CM faculty are here to help you succeed.
  3. Jobs are available right away to our grads. 
  4. Our ACCE accredited program will help you lay the foundation for a strong career.
  5. The Construction Management Club is a great way for students to network, gain experience in college and prepare for future work.
  6. Construction management majors are often recruited by organizations to help with disaster relief.
  7. In 2012 & 2013, CM students designed and built rapidly deployable emergency shelters for the Shelter Design Competition at JBU.
  8. Theater productions on campus often need CM students to help with set building. This is a fun way to get involved in the JBU community, gain experience, and learn new techniques to construction.
  9. The brand new Balzer Technology Building contains labs, construction space and design areas all for student usage.