CM Life

Eagle Construction Company

Our Construction Management students not only learn about construction, but also apply their knowledge on the job through JBU's student-run, Eagle Construction Company (ECC). The company performs all the typical activities of a residential or small commercial builder.

Through the ECC, seniors manage the construction of one house each year in a local housing subdivision. This includes dealing with permits, schedules, budgets, materials purchasing and subcontractors. By providing labor for the project, freshmen meet the CM 1112 and CM 1122 course requirements.

Eagle Construction maintains an extensive collection of construction tools and equipment for students to use throughout each phase of construction.

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Construction Management Club

JBU's CM Club is chartered by the Arkansas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the American Institute of Contractors (AIC). It organizes and sponsors field trips, guest speakers and the annual Top Hammer Competition.

Club officers attend the annual regional meeting of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) where they interact with representatives of other CM student groups. All CM students are encouraged to actively participate in the club. Serving as an officer is an excellent way for students to gain valuable leadership experience.

Club Objectives

  1. To develop a sense of enthusiasm for and appreciation of the ideals and standards of ethics of the professional constructor among students, and to provide a communication link between the students of Construction Management and the construction industry.
  2. To acquaint students with the present and future scope of construction practice so that they may be better prepared for their future work.
  3. To promote a sense of unity within the CM department between students and faculty through professional, social and service activities and the JBU community as a whole.
  4. To provide an avenue through which CM students are able to connect with professional constructors concerning future employment. 
  5. To support on-campus, local and international service activities consistent with the ideals of John Brown University and that match the resources and abilities found within the CM department.


Top Hammer Competition

During JBU's Top Hammer Competition, Construction Management students compete in a number of field activities from plate-walks, block-carries and nail-drives, to level-eyes and obstacle courses. The competition follows an Eagle Construction lab and takes place in the fall semester.


Service Projects & Trips

JBU provides opportunities for CM students to serve their local and international community through Service Projects and Trips.

Past local projects include building wheel chair ramps, re-roofing houses and assisting with the remodeling of a local pregnancy center. International teams have constructed churches in Sudan, orphanages in Uganda, buildings in Tanzania, hospitals in Haiti, church buildings in Mexico and housing in the Bahamas.