Child and Family Studies

Great Careers

Students majoring in Child and Family Studies have a variety of career opportunities upon graduation.
•    Case management for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, day care providers, half-way homes, children/youth/adult/senior citizen's programs or group homes — both internationally and domestically, faith-based and secular
•    Research and evaluation for community centers, hospitals, adoption agencies, rehabilitation centers or camp programs
•    Writing, editing or researching for organizations focused on children and family (book publishers, radio/TV stations, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, magazines or manufacturers)
•    Social services for federal, state and local government agencies (Departments of Human Services in many states look for graduates who focused on children and families studies)
•    Program advocate/coordination/evaluation for child care programs, health and wellness agencies, women's protective agencies — both internationally and domestically, faith-based and secular
•    Teaching and administration for religious organizations, day care centers (private or public), extended school programs, private homes and family day care
•    Children’s ministry and family ministry in church settings
•    Graduate school: CFS majors pursue graduate degrees in play therapy, child and/or family counseling, school counseling, social work, occupational therapy and Christian education

Recent JBU graduates who majored in this field are working or have recently worked with the following organizations:
•    Children’s Advocacy Center (children who have been sexually abused)
•    Shelterwood (at-risk teens)
•    Paidia (in Israel)
•    Department of Human Services
•    Camp War Eagle
•    Nehemiah Project and Boys’ Ranch in Kitwe, Zambia
•    Little Lighthouse (children with special needs)
•    Kids Across America
•    Overseas Mission Fellowship International (in Thailand)
•    Saving Grace (transitional living and life skills education for young women 17-25 who have aged out of foster care or group homes)
•    Children’s ministry in several faith communities