Course Requirements

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Sample Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with major in Biology

Biology 4 Year Plan

First Year Fall (Even Year)   First Year Spring (Odd Year)
BBL   1013   Old Testament Survey   BIO   1134   Plant Biology
BIO   1124   Cell Biology   CHM   1134   General Chemistry II
CHM   1124   General Chemistry I   EGL   1023   English II
COR   1002   Gateway Seminar   KIN   1002   Wellness for Life
EGL   1013   English I   MTH   1123   Survey of Calculus
        Total Hours 16           Total Hours 16
Second Year Fall (Odd Year)   Second Year Spring (Even Year)
BBL   1023   New Testament Survey   BIO   2174   Genetics
BIO   2134   Animal Biology   HST   1023   Western Civilization II
HST   1013   Western Civilization I   KIN   1__1   Wellness Activity
    ___3   Social Science Elective   MTH   2103   Applied Statistics for Scientists
    ____   Minor/Elective       ____   Minor/Elective
        Total Hours 16-17           Total Hours 14-15
Third Year Fall (Even Year)   Third Year Spring (Odd Year)
BIO   ___4   Biology Elective   BIO   ___4   Biology Elective
BIO   ___4   Biology Elective   BIO   ___4   Biology Elective
BIO   3302   Field Experience   BBL   3003   Evangelical Theology
POL   2113   American Government       ____   Minor/Elective
    ____   Minor/Elective           Total Hours 14-15
        Total Hours 16-17            
Fourth Year Fall (Odd Year)   Fourth Year Spring (Even Year)
BBL   4002   Cap. Seminar in Christian Life   BIO   4103   Bioethics†
BIO   3114   Ecology†   EGL   4003   Masterpieces of Literature
    ___3   Arts Elective       ___3   Global Studies Core Elective
    ___3   Philosophy Elective       ____   Minor/Elective
    ____   Minor/Elective       ____   Minor/Elective
        Total Hours 15-16           Total Hours 15-17

Total Hours for Four Years: 124+

† The order of alternate year courses will differ depending on whether a student begins his/her studies at JBU in an even or an odd year.