Great Careers

John Brown University's Biology department has experienced great success in assisting students in gaining acceptance into graduate and professional schools.

Biomedical Research - There are many opportunities in government, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and individual researchers for students with training in biological technology. Research can be done with a bachelor's or master's degree. However, a long-term career in the field of biomedical research usually requires a Ph.D.

Clinical Work (Physician, dentist, optometry, therapist, nurse, physician's assistant, veterinary, etc.) - A degree in biology lays a solid foundation for any medical career. Students interested in further medical training have the option of joining JBU's Pre-Health Professions Program.

Missions or Humanitarian Work - Students can easily use their knowledge in biology for non-profit organizations that deal with agricultural, ecological or environmental community development.

Ecology - Students majoring in biology may wish to pursue a career in ecology or related fields. Forestry, environmental management, renewable energy or environmental research are all possible options for those interested in the field of ecology.

Graduate School - Many graduates of biology choose to continue their studies in a field of particular interest with graduate degrees.

Graduates of the Biology Department can be found in a variety of careers including:

* Physicians White coat
* Orthodontists
* Veterinarians
* Physicians Assistants
* Nursing
* Physical Therapy
* Medical Technology
* College Professors
* High School Teachers
* Missionaries
* Naturalists
* Community Development