Whether she was freezing samples in liquid nitrogen or dissecting human muscles on a cadaver, biology major Cori Van Gorkom ’12 never felt out of place in her white lab coat. “Some of the greatest times I’ve had have been in lab,” she said. “We apply what we learned during lectures, and each experience gives me a deeper appreciation of the complex world in which we live.”

Students in the Biology department will be given a thorough educatiStudents get hands on experience in classon in foundational biological principals, in addition to being exposed to the most recent developments in the field of biology.

Opportunities to gain practical experience are available through class time spent in the labs, equipped with state of the art equipment, including a cadaver lab for pre-health professional students. Students can also be involved in research projects with biology faculty or participate in off-campus study programs.

Students may choose from three different options of programs to study: pre-health professional, allied health or field biology/naturalist studies.

  • Pre-health professional studies prepares students to apply to graduate or professional schools in the areas of medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, etc.
  • Allied health studies is designed for students who desire to pursue further training in fields like nursing, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Field biology/naturalist studies prepares students interested in studying living things in their natural environments for careers in zoo keeping, wildlife management, environmental education, ect.

As a pre-health professional studies student, Cori feels confident that her experience at JBU will prepare her for applying to and entering medical school. “Experience is a key part of JBU’s program, and it taught me to appreciate what I was studying. Biology has an immediate application to life,” said Cori. “What we learn in class I happening in our bodies and in our yards. It’s amazing to see how God has designed it all, and how He has intricately put everything together.”