Pray for Missions!

Get Involved by Praying for JBU Mission Trips

James 5:16 promises, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” Prayer is absolutely essential in the life of the believer and in the work of the kingdom across the world. Prayer allows Christians from every corner of the globe to unite for one cause and to support brothers and sisters as they face obstacles or dangers in their lives.

This summer many JBU students, faculty and staff will be traveling across the world. They will be in study abroad programs, on summer mission trips, in international internships, or simply returning home for the summer holidays. They will be representing JBU in many cases, and, more importantly, they will represent the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Whether or not you plan to travel or be on a mission trip this summer, you can join in the work of the kingdom through your prayers. Pray that JBU students traveling and going on mission trips this summer will have a blessed experience and return safely in the Autumn. Specifically, please consider taking a day to pray for each area listed below.

Pray for a safe environment and physical well-being

  • Travel safety
  • Health and physical strength in unfamiliar environments
  • Good weather

Pray for spiritual growth and outreach

  • Confidence and boldness in ministry
  • Open doors and words to share Christ with others
  • Personal spiritual growth

Pray for personal and relational growth

  • Genuine learning, both academically and personally
  • Good teamwork and relationship-building
  • Rest and relaxation

We truly appreciate your prayers!

Thank you for your partnership in prayer as JBU students, faculty, and staff share and serve Christ around the world!  

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