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What is a mission trip? Perhaps the phrase brings up images of a team working together to build a well or to give shots to orphans at a hospital or to share their testimony in front of a church. While all of these images can be accurate, a mission trip is so much more than just the sum of certain activities and experiences. Rather, a mission trip is an opportunity to get involved in the work of God's kingdom across the world, coming alongside brothers and sisters in the faith and sacrificing time and comfort to serve others.

At JBU, each mission trip has a different focus that is specially suited to the needs of the local community. This year, JBU offers international mission trips to Ireland, Lithuania, and Uganda. As part of the mission trip, students complete pre-trip and post-trip requirements and travel to the foreign country for a four-week mission trip. While students do not receive any academic credit, a mission trip does fulfill the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Summer 2015 Opportunities:

Cathedral Choir Offered every three years. Next opportunity in summer 2017.

Men's Soccer [check if offered in 2015]

Ireland Not offered in 2015.

Uganda Offered every other year. Next opportunity in summer 2016.

Lithuania Christian College, July 5 - August 2, 2015

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Current and Past Mission Trip Information

Guatemala [Not offered in 2014]





Not offered in 2014.

JBU SIFE – ADVANCE Guatemala Sewing Project: On this mission trip students traveled to Peronia, near Guatemala City, over Thanksgiving to provide a two-day workshop. For years Peronia has been known for its rival gang violence. This past year, through God’s grace and provision, the pastor of a church there has led the two major gangs to reconciliation. Today, former enemies work side-by-side in a church-supported retail distribution business and the wives of the ex-gang members have come together to start a sewing school. These 30 ladies graduated in October and needed some basic business acumen to establish their business. JBU SIFE provided seminars on finance and marketing. SIFE encouraged and validated the women in their new chosen lifestyle. Furthermore, SIFE brought guest speakers in for the men to bring legitimacy to what their wives are doing. Students led Bible lessons and activities for the children.

March 2012 Spring Break Mission Trip: 37 JBU students went to Guatemala and worked with Iglesia Bautista Cristo Es El Camino, focusing on the people who live and work at the Guatemala City garbage dump.  These people live in settlements (shanty towns) on the outskirts of the dump. The work students participated in included a medical clinic, hair clinic for dump residents, children’s evangelism, English classes for children, and a sign language classes for deaf-mute children. Students also helped in the construction of the Rayitos de Esperanza school, as well as floors and stoves in homes of the residents. Over 1000 people attended the closing day family event.

Dates: Not offered in 2014

Cost: N/A

Team Size: N/A

Location: Guatemala

For More Information, contact:
Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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The Ireland mission trip has a long tradition at JBU. We have served with the towns of Ballynahinch, Belfast, Carryduff, and Killyleagh.  In each place we spend 3 years working alongside the churches, lifting up their arms as they minister to their communities.  Our primary ministries are Children's Bible Club for the youngsters ages 4-11, Sports Camp for students aged 11-16, and church involvement. These activities not only involve games and fun, but also provide an opportunity for us to present the gospel to young people who feel the stress between Catholics and Protestants in their community. Other activities we have participated in previously include gospel presentations in public primary schools, small group leadership for teen girls, and worship or preaching leadership in Sunday services.

For information regarding the choir or soccer mission trips, please contact the team leaders listed below.


  • Choir: 11 May - 27 May
  • Soccer: 30 July - 13 August
  • Ireland: 3 June - 25 June


  • Choir: $2600
  • Soccer: $2350
  • Ireland: $2350

Team Size: 17-30

Team Leader:

  • Choir: Paul Smith and Becky Pohle
  • Soccer: Scott Marksberry, Billy Stevenson, Scott Jones
  • Ireland: Cary and Tracy Balzer

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

For More Information, contact:
One of the team leaders listed above, or
Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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JBU students will work as teaching assistants to teach English in the classrooms or as resident assistants in the dormitory of Lithuania Christian College. The teaching track is recommended for junior and senior Education majors.

Dates: July 5 - August 2, 2015

Cost: $2,200

Program: Summer Language Institute

Team Size: 3-6

Team Leader: Dr. Ed Klotz aka DK3 'Father Ed'

Location: Lithuania Christian College, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Deadline: December 15, 2014

For More Information, contact:
Ed Klotz
Associate Professor Of Intercultural Studies
John Brown University

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Hut in EthiopiaUganda

JBU students' main mission will be to help in hospitals and schools by drawing blood, giving shots, and teaching classes. Students will also aid development by planting crops and trees. In addition, JBU students will have the opportunity to preach and share their testimonies and minister to people.

Dates: May 18th - June 18th, 2014

Cost: TBA

Team Size: TBA

Team Leaders: Rhonda Hostler, Tom Lamborn, Austin Robertson

Location: Uganda

For More Information, contact:
One of the team leaders listed above, or
Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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